Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tea Tray Studios

Welcome to my blog, where I will try and verbalise the trials and tribulations of being a creative genius on a tea tray!

I jumped back on the crafting bandwagon in October last year, having been inspired by a colleague who had taken up beadweaving. Beads and jewellery were a favourite pastime when I was growing up but I fell by the wayside when I left for University. I moved back home to live with my parents 2 years ago - it was only supposed to be for six months but, well, thank you recession! I've discovered since that what started as a way to make the odd piece of jewellery has turned into a creative obsession. I have more ideas than I know what to do with but that, dear friend, is not the issue. The issue is I HAVE NO SPACE!!! My studio consists of a tackle box and a 12x16" tea-tray. Occasionally I'm allowed to commandeer the dining table, but that never lasts...